Frequently asked questions.

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What does it do?

The Algemator solves your math homework. It is a focus of the Algemator to explain the solutions the Algemator has calculated for your math homework. The Algemator solves math tasks from numerous areas of mathematics.

The Algemator’s calculators are organized in packages. You may either choose a calculator for your math task from the packages, or you can have the Algemator automatically propose different calculations for the math task you have entered.

Is there a free trial?

There is!

When you first download the Algemator you get all Premium features for seven days: completely free.

What inputs does the camera support?

The Algemators camera scanner was built to save effort by replacing the keyboard. You can scan any mathematical expression that you would normally enter using the keyboard.

However, the scanner is not capable of scanning entire exercise texts, worksheets or geometry.

For worksheets, you have to separate the mathematical expression from the text when inputting to the Algemator.

For geometry, you can use the Geometry calculators that are accessible through the "Geometry" Button in the main menu or the Geometry Package of Calculators in the Package overview.

Can I get premium for free?

Yes you can!

When sharing a download link of the Algemator to your friends you can get another seven days of free premium on top of the seven days you already had!

You can trigger this functionality by entering the "Share" Page in the side menu of the Algemator.